• By storing files on CD you can organize music, photos, and documents, not to mention clearing off your hard drive. Read on to discover what files will work and how. Read more

  • How to Store Audio Tapes

    How to Store Audio Tapes

    Temperatures, location, and proximity to possible pests all play a role in an audio tape’s life expectancy. Read on to find out how to store audio tapes properly. Read more

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  • One of the earliest forms of audio recording tape are reel to reel, or open-reel magnetic tape. Those who still have music or voice recordings from the 1950s and 60s on reel to reel audio tapes hold a bit of history in their home—or closets, wherever the giant reels may be hiding. In order to save these precious memories and nostalgic collections, it's time to consider digitizing reel to reel tape. Read more

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  • VHS tapes were all the rage in the '80s and '90s, but they've become obsolete since the inception of the DVD. Fear not: your old home movies aren't lost forever. It's actually pretty easy to transfer VHS tapes onto DVD format. Here’s how. Read more