Window Graphics for Your Business

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Signage for any business is important to attract attention from people passing by and for customers looking for your storefront. Printing the right window graphics is a great way to advertise and so much more! There are many different uses for graphics that can benefit your business both indoors and out.

Benefits of Window Graphics: Outdoors

One of the more obvious benefits of adding signage to your office windows is so that people can find you. Sure, adding a sign hanging from the building is great, but can be expensive. Adding a window graphic decal can:

  • Catch the eye of prospective customers
  • Set your business apart from the competition
  • Advertise your business name and contact information
  • Inform pedestrians of your products and services
  • Highlight promotions and specials
  • Decorate your storefront

A simple store name on a sign can’t do all that. Window graphics can, and in a more instant and inexpensive way. Older forms of print advertising and social media are great, but they can only do so much. Entice the public as they pass by your place with an intriguing window graphic that begs to be investigated. The right graphic can help build your brand and inspire word-on-the-street advertising that can spread around the neighborhood.

Benefits of Window Graphics: Indoors

In addition to advertising to the people on the street, a well-placed window graphic can benefit employees and customers even when they’ve made it inside. The right window decal to:

  • Enhance privacy
  • Replace blinds and shades with a polarizing screen or a more pleasant scene
  • Place small decals on windows and mirrors throughout the office or store to provide more direction and information
  • Thank customers for their business
  • Offer more information before they leave to persuade them to return

Window Graphic Design

From simple graphics to more intricate signs, there’s so much a printed window graphic can accomplish. There’s no more need to scrape off paint from window displays or find places to hang a hefty sign. These sleek, attractive decals can help you get the word out even before customers come in. For more information about the right window graphic for your business, call Disc Hounds at 610-696-8668 today.

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