Four Tips for Properly Storing Vinyl Records


Many music lovers today turn to digital formats before a turntable in order to listen to their favorite tunes. But there’s still plenty of people that know the value of vinyl and keeping a record collection. Want to keep your record collection ready to rock and roll for years to come? Consider these four tips for storing vinyl records properly and avoid irreparable damage such as scratches and warping.

One: Location Is Everything

When storing vinyl records at home, choose a safe place away from heat, humidity, sunlight, and moisture. The location should be cool and dry with a temperature range between the mid 60s and low 70s. Make sure it’s away from vents, windows, or heat sources. Always choose a climate-controlled storage unit if you need to store them outside of your home.

Two: Handle with Care

Always wash and dry your hands thoroughly before handling your records. And touch only the edges of the record. Oils on your hands damage the surface area of the album, reducing the sound quality.

Three: Protective Coverings

Keep your collection properly covered with sleeves and jackets. These coverings that come with each album play an important role in protecting and preserving their inhabitants. The inner paper sleeve provides protection from dirt, dust, and scratches when sliding albums in and out of the jackets. Replace any torn sleeves by purchasing fresh ones at a local record shop or online. Standard paper sleeves are inexpensive and easy to find. Or upgrade to plastic-lined sleeves or multi-ply premium sleeves for longer lasting protection.

Every collector values the outer cardboard jacket for its information and artwork. Take good care of these covers and they will provide the first line of defense for protecting your albums, plus they’ll help retain its value.

Four: Storing Vinyl Records Upright and Not Too Tight

Albums should be kept in a proper storage container that allows each one to stand upright or vertical. Leaving vinyl records stacked in a pile causes warping. A bookshelf is a good place to keep them upright. Or you can buy special cases for storing vinyl records at some furniture stores or online. Many blend in beautifully with a variety of decors. Take care not to cram too many in at a time. You should be able to pull out a single album without any force.

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