1. Using the images/descriptions on our website – sort your collection into these four (4) categories

  • Reels of Film
  • Videotapes
  • Audio formats (tapes, reels, vinyl records are all 1 category)
  • Slides & Pictures

2. Count how many of each item – refer to our pictures & descriptions to help you

  • How many 3” reels of film? How many 7”?
  • How many VHS tapes? How many MiniDV tapes?
  • How many cassettes? How many vinyl records?
  • How many 35mm slides?

3. If desired, arrange your categories by date as best as possible (you can even label them with numbers).

4. Decide how you would like to enjoy your transfers once complete:

  • Do you want to just watch your films/video on your TV DVD player?
  • Do you want to watch them on your computer and have the ability to edit the video files in the future?
  • Would you like to be able to do both A and B above?
  • Think about these same questions for any audio transfers
  • Slides & pictures will be digitized and given to you as a high resolution image file. These files will be on a disc or USB drive, can be copied and edited on any computer.

5. Decide how many copies or “sets” of video/audio you would like to end up with (maybe for children or other relatives)

6. All of your original materials will be returned to you just as you left it with us!

All Work Performed In Our West Chester Location
Stop by or Call us at 610-696-8668