Storing Files on DVD and the Most-Used File Formats


Invented in 1995, a DVD, or digital video disc, is a compact medium that stores a great deal of data and is often used for video or high-quality audio. Here’s a closer look at storing files on DVD and the file formats that are most frequently used.

Why Store Files on DVD?

Duplicating files on DVD is a great way to protect your data from loss, theft, and damage. An inexpensive storage solution, especially when bought in bulk, they hold much more data than CDs, even though these two types of discs share the same physical size dimensions. DVDs are more portable than backup hard drives and less expensive than flash drives or USB sticks.

Types of DVDs

DVDs come in a variety of formats. When you buy a pre-recorded movie on a digital video disc, it is usually in a DVD-ROM format that can only be viewed. You cannot record onto it. A blank recordable disc, a DVD-R can be recorded on only once. But a DVD-RW can be recorded on multiple times.

What Types of Files Can You Store on DVDs?

Whether you are watching, recording, or editing videos, there are a vast amount of file formats you’ll encounter. Telling the difference between them is often confusing. Here are some that are most frequently used.

  • AVI, or audio video interleave, is a common file type used for playing video on computers.
  • MPEG, or Moving Pictures Expert Group file, is a compressed video format and one of the most compatible formats around.
  • MOV is Apple’s standard multimedia file format. It’s compatible with both Windows and Macintosh platforms.
  • WMV is a Microsoft video file type that works on Windows Media Player. RealPlayer, MPlayer, and Media Player Classic also play this type of file.
  • VOB, or video object file, is used for video and audio data. It is well-known for movie-related content like menus, navigation information, and subtitles. These files are sometimes encrypted.
  • 3GP is a type of MP4 file. Although it is formatted for use on 3G mobile phones, it can be played on some 2G and 4G phones.

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